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No Name For What I Feel

In moment with my eyes closed

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me :D
Okay, you're in Karmade's LiveJournal. I'm russian and I never learned english :D Cool, yeah?! Sorry. I write my entries without any clue about english grammar ^^'''' If I do it righ, it's just intuition, I swear!))
Most of my entries are fandom-related, and dolly-related, but sometimes I write about my life as well. Sometimes I do lock my entries, but mostly because it's brainbugs and heartbugs entries you may live without xD. Also this journal is full of my drawings, because mutant_cucumber and windrette got me into fanarts. Things I draw? Arashi and what heartbugs force me to.

Привет всем русскоговорящим!
Как вы уже наверное поняли, максимум моего жж написано на недо-английском :) На самом деле, здесь есть и русские записи, но, так как английских записей все еще звериная доля, а 70% моей френдленты это русско-непонимающие, и я не хочу спамить их фредленты непонятными буковками, я закрываю и фильтрую все мои русские записи. Но в общем целом, там ничего интерессного и все интерессное я выливаю в посты на arashirus x'D Так что вот. =)

my community: arashirus, russian community for all Arashi fans
my deviantart
my flickr
my dreamwidth
my diary
This is Arashi, my music of choise and my main fandom now :) They are popular japanese j-pop band (debuted in 1999, when they were barely 17-18 years old) and aside of just being professional idols >:D they are really great guys)) Members of the band are very busy all the time, because aside of group activities, they have lots of individual project, like, Sakurai Sho is newscaster (and he was one of main reporters from olympic games at that), Ninomiya Kazunari is professional actor (who was choosen by Clint Eastwood for main role in his movie, and not so long ago he got Galaxy Award in television category and became first idol ever to win such a serious award) as well as Matsumoto Jun (who is one of the most popular actors in japan), Ohno Satoshi is artist (his first art axhibition was an great success and his artbook was bestseller artbook of the year) and prefessional stage actor and Aiba Masaki is one of main hosts of zoos/animals related variety show and great stage actor.
Arashi are famous for their warm, friendly attitude, for being best friends among each other (=family like, really) and for their songs not being all about love and romance, but about friendship, about trying hard, about life, which is wonderfull and such things :) their songs are very warm and encouraging! And I should mention that their fans are not just girls, but also guys, kids, middle age people (mothers and fathers <3) and even grandmothers and grandfathers! Such a wonderfull group, Arashi.
I love them, obviously <3


My dollies! Miho - on the left, Freeza - in the center, Ninomiya - on the right. They are BJD's (ball jointed dolls), which are very expensive but very, very customisable. To find out more about bjd's in general, please go to Den of Angels. Talking about my dollies:
Freeza is Boy&Girl Aurora (NS). Her beautiful faceup is made by Ree.
Miho is Luts Kid Delf Aru boy (RS). His faceup is made by HOUSEno.3.
Ninomiya is a Zaoll Luv (basic). Her faceup made by me :D
I spam about them quite often here, but if youre interested in their pictures, please visit my flickr.
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