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hey, folks =) how are you?

I am only few hours away from my flight to tokyo. I am nervous, jumpy and kinda scared, because japan finally FINALLY is going to be OUTSIDE of my computer screen and I cant imagine this at all.

And then, guess what. No, guess what. We won a ballot. We won a freaking ballot for arashi kokuritsu con tickets and now we dont need to buy out scalper tickets we were planning to get (we paid 10% deposit to seller and should have paid the rest when meeting in person to get the tickets). FC informed us about our win extremely late and tickets arrived only yesterday, and seats are the most far away ones, but just think about it, we won a ballot for our very first arashi con \=_____=/ Kinda unbelivable. I dont even care about seat anymore, really, we'll be inside and it's all that matters!!!!!! I have pretty uchiva made and another one halfdone (will finish it already in tokyo) and I have raincoat and binos. MY BODY IS MORE THAN READY >8D

and my tokyo trip, oh my long awaited tokyo trip, it feels I am going to cry non stop at every tiny thing or grin so wide I'm gonna hurt my face and... and I am so going to be little rich princess out there, because I have 235,000 yen in cash for shopping alone for only one week. And even though JE and Tokyo weather pretty much messed up my perfect trip plan moving our concert from 2nd to 4th, I am going to try everything I wanted to try, see everything I wanted to see, and buy everything I wanted to by. Or at least as much as I can.

as we're diffenetly going for Keikarou. I made gift for Aiba-chan x)

It's clumsy, and not as cute as I imagined it to be, but I did my best ;_; You know, I am not good at cartoonish drawings. But it's russian matryoshka doll, and it's messages from russian fans on the back on biggest one, and there's main entrance of Moscow Zoo on the second one and I'll never get tired drawing Leaders 'Your Dream Is Our Dream' logo everywhere I can. Btw, I am going to wear this shirt for concert :33333

okay, I need to take care of few things and then I'm off! 
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And here I was, planning so cheerfully to buy two arashi con tickets for 50k and go both days. Ahahaha, so silly of me. 'Cause kokuritsu tickets without confirmed seating starts from 95k! Ahahahahaha. Oh well. Somehow I am not even surprised. Now I only hope we could effort side-by-side seats with pinkmonkeee \=_=/

here, have opera Sho in lovely dress for lightning the mood.
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 I loved today's shiyagare so much I even made first in my life gif's.
because seriously. Those guys.

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 Balloting results for Osaka and Sapporo popped up! And I am still waiting for Kokuritsu results. Yeah. I got few people ballot for me and  pinkmonkeee , but I don't really expect to hit. That's why right now I am staring at ticket.co.jp page with lots of blind tickets on sale, and whoa, blind ones are expensive this year x_x 45-50k are not that scary, but there's lots of 80-90-100k and even 150-200k o_o For blind ones!  I wonder how much more expensive are they going to get when seats will be revealed x_x 


I wonder what should I do.

I guess I'll wait for ticket prices for those venues when seats will be revealed, and if good seats are going to be above 110k, I probably will aim for blind tickets when they will be up for kokuritsu. Because I cant possibly spend more than 110k, and if I gotta get bad seat for those money, I'd rather buy two blind tickets for the same amount and go both days. And who knows, they might end up not that bad. Oh well.
Cant help but get worried :) 
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 I am bachelor of architecture now. 
And I got freaking EXCELLENT for my project.

and this is me, after passing, in front of my institute, being all cute with my heartbag and bell-shaped loli skirt. hell yeah.
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 nino's solo, guys. I. I just.
It's so perfect it's probably my favorite his song right after Kako.
This tour, it's going to kill me. 
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oh yeah

but it turned out that I have really A LOT to do till 20th june, so I'll take rest from work till the end of month. Otherwise wont be able to finish everything for bachelor diploma. But! I am on the right way, and soon all this hell will be over. Good luck to me.

In other news, Mada Minu Sekai e PV.
Black and White part looking like Arashi returning to their A.Ra.Shi PV box after 12 years, now mature, cool and extremely popular
And colourfull part, with Jun and Aiba looking like 1999, and Sho looking like keio university student with his junior hairstyle and shirt and vest, and LEADERS HAIR. Like WHOA. It really was mindblowing to have cool monochrome arashi overlapping with colourful arashi, looking like their junior days \o_o/
And their ohgodsopretty black clothes.
And the way leader turned around on his heels, smoothing his elegant hand on the small of his back.

No, really. It was green room again, but it was so new, and so cool, and so pretty. I was bubbly and happy and excited about it whole day. And now I am going to enjoy it for 384905 times more.

and I am going to avoid internets since now, checking only on twitter, since I dont want to spoil new DVD. And spoilers are already all over tumblr.
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remember that teacher who fucked me over yesterday? Well, she didn't come to institute today. Though she said she'll difenetly come. And here I was, waiting her, for 3 hours. 

So, I am worried sick, pissed, angry and just so goddamn stressed, two and half weeks before bachelor diploma I am not yet allowed to before I pass this stupid technical design work! I'll go try pass it to other teacher early tomorrow, and if she wont take it, I'll go to other teacher tuesday morning, while tuesday is deadline. DEADLINE. And monday is holiday! just PERFECT.

wish me luck people =( I need it in huge amounts. 
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i am student on bachelor exams, hear me rant

So, today, I was wearing my favorite lolita shirt, and my new lovely flats with ribbons, and my favorite polka-dot-with-lace-pattern-on-the-sides tights and extremely cute white knitted dress, with hair tied nicely with white ribbon and with my extremely cute Baby bag in the shape of heart, and on top of that I even had adorable nails with lovely lace patters on them! In all that, I was little white angel today, lovable and charming in all ways possible. 

To be rejected by technical desighns teacher on my techical desighn work, claiming that it's not mine and done not by me. She said that she wont accept it until I prove her that work is mine, by getting signature of my project class teacher. I went and got this damn signature, but when I was at it, technical desighn teacher run off. And I can only try to pass my work tommorow. I just. It's not that unusual for my stupid institute, but this time I felt so insulted. Sure, I scrabbed off nearly half of my work from desighns from my work, but the hell. I even felt like crying for whole hour after. Actually I dont feel much better even now. I hate this institute. Hate it. To think that there's still 2 years of it left.... 

on the other note, my project desighns were approved for bachelore diploma, so I am nearly there. I did good. I'm cool. I only need to tame this bastard technical desighn teacher tommorow. Gotta look even cuter, just to prove the point.

ah, and most likely will pay off my tokyo tour tommorow. I'm getting this hotel+visa+insurance kind of tour, without sightseeing, and since there's still 3 months till the trip itself, gotta pay only 30% by now. But they booked our room, and we gotta live in 20 minute walk from Kokuritsu *_* Lucky! 

now I will go take a bath, and then sleep. I am so tired. I feel old, and cranky, and nearly dead.